Imaging WorkStation

Introducing the Wood Wonders Imaging Workstation. Its portability and small footprint make it easy to place close to your scope for optimum access.  There are four dimmable Red LEDs, that are angled just right, to illuminate your keyboard. With easy setup and takedown the new Imaging Workstation will make a great addition to your imaging equipment lineup.


The Daytime Cover allows you to use your laptop during the daylight hours, even in direct sunlight, a must for Solar Imaging. The white material reflects the sun so you and your laptop stay cool and the polyester vinyl back does not allow light to penetrate.

For night time imaging there are 4 Red LEDs, powered by a 9v battery and controlled by a On/Off Dimmer.


Imaging Workstation w/White Cover

Price: $289.00


Workstation w/White Cover and Seat

Price: $349.00

Custom cushion available

Customize your Eyepiece case with your choice of Minwax stain.


Stain Color Option

Price: $45.00
Stain Color: