Eyepiece Customer Comments

Hey Ron,

My dad gave me one of your eyepiece cases for Christmas last year.  I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed using it over many evenings.  From the eyepiece warmers, to the red light that is built into the case, everything just works well.  I look forward to many years of service from it.  If you do a testimonial on your webpage in the future, feel free to use this.



Hello Ron,

My name is Avtar and I ordered one of your telescope accessory cases a little while back. This is just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for a wonderful product. Not only is the case beautifully crafted, but it is extremely functional. It looks great in the living room and is perfect for holding all my bits and bobs for a night of star gazing.

It truly is a legacy grade case and was made here in the US.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Your grateful friend,



You’ve done a fabulous job on my new case: I’ve already had several occasions to use it, and it has improved my observing experience dramatically. For once, everything is in its place, and the beauty of the case is unrivaled. Going out with my scope is more fun now that I’m going out in style. Thank you for your fine craftsmanship and excellent customer service. In the future, I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who may be looking for a high-quality eyepiece case. Joel

Hello Ron,

I received my eyepiece case earlier this week. The quality and craftsmanship of it exceeded my expectations! I could only dream of creating such art from wood. You have a true gift. I would not hesitate to recommend this product. Thank you again, and I look forward to many years of use of my eyepiece case.

Sincerely, Richard


As beautiful as the case is to look at I really like its functionality. It’s easy to find the eyepiece you’re looking for. And the built in red light is great. I turn it on and then just open and close the case when I need something and the light is on right where I need it. The glow in the dark emblem is very cool. And it looks to me like you sprinkled a little glow dust on top of the case? It kind of looks like a star field. I’m so thrilled to have the case. I haven’t had it out in public yet but I’m sure it will generate a lot of interest. It has improved my observing experience and it’s beautiful to look at as well. Thanks again for your beautiful handcraft work.


Hi Ron,

Love the case. If you remember, my wife was not too happy that I wanted to purchase one of your cases. When I got home and showed it to her she said “Oh Wow!”. Attached is a picture of me and my buddy Andreas with his case which he won in the prize drawings.



Thank you so much. This EP case is absolutely beautiful! I am really very astonished at how well it’s made and the care you took to match the wood grain on the entire piece. I was able to put the case to use last night, as the clouds cleared up. This case is the single best accessory I have; it holds EVERYTHING, with room to spare. I cannot tell you in words how grateful I am that you build these cases. This is absolutely perfect for my needs and I’ll make sure I tell everyone I know about; they are something that every amateur astronomer should have. Patrick


The case arrived today. It’s such a work of art. Your craftsmanship shows all the way to the small details of the orientation of the grain, to the perfect cut-outs for the dew heater wires. I can’t wait to take such a heirloom-quality accessory into the field to observe. Astronomy is primarily a visual experience ~ your work adds the visceral. Thank you so much…- Chris


The case arrived today and as suspected it is more beautiful in person than in the photo. The attention to detail is amazing. I was blown away by the inset wood on the drawer edge that holds the drawer shut when the top is closed. I was wondering how I was going to keep the drawers closed but you already figured it out! I am also glad I did not get the glowing engraving because the carvings are so nice the way they are.

Thank you very much for the heirloom quality case.