Eyepiece Case Options


NiteGlo-Constellation w/Personalized Monogram


Personalize your Wood Wonders Eyepiece Case with your choice of NiteGlo Constellation along with your 30 character monogram.



NiteGlo-Constellation w/30 Monogram
Price: $45.00
Monogram Text - 30 Characters:


Stain Option

Customize your Eyepiece Case with your choice of Minwax stain.


Stain Color Option

Price: $45.00
Stain Color:

Tablet Option

 Your case truly becomes your workstation

Now you can take your tablet to your observing site in a secure and protected way that makes it easy to use. Your tablet is held in a pocket, attached to the Plexiglas, with a window cut out in the front. This allows access to your screen and power button.


Eyepiece Case Tablet Option

When ordered with new case.
Price: $60.00
Tablet Model:

Table Retrofit


Retro-Fit Tablet Mount

Return Shipping Included

Must send your exsiting Plexiglas 

Price: $75.00

Eyepiece Case Heater Option

Wood Wonders has partnered with Kendrick Astro Instruments to provide dependable and efficient heat to keep your accessories warm in the coldest temperatures. Two of the Kendrick heating pads, along with the thermal properties of the wood, create a warm environment that provides quick recovery for cold optics. When your eyepieces fog up or get cold just put them back in the case for a few minutes and your back with a clear view in minutes. There is a standard female RCA jack mounted in the back of the case to connect to your due heater controller.


Eyepiece Case Heater Option

Price: $115.00

Drawer Insert Option

The Drawer Insert is the ideal way to store your eyepiece adapters and also the Catseye Collimation Tools.


Drawer Insert

Price: $25.00
Stain Color:

Custom Eyepiece Layout

For a custom layout just draw a rectangle 7 7/8″ x 9″ on a sheet of paper and arrange your eyepieces as you wish. When you are satisfied trace the outline of the barrels onto the paper. Email me a .jpg and I can use it as template.

Replacement Eyepiece Trays


Replacement Eyepiece Tray

Price: $35.00
Stain Color: